Premier Horse Walkers
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Premier Horse Walkers
Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements
How do you keep your prices so low ? We are asked this question often, all the components that make up a Premier Horse Walker are bought in bulk, the savings are then passed on to the customer.

What diameter are the horse walkers ? The four horse walker is 36ft diameter and the six horse walker is 42ft diameter.

Can you make them in different sizes ? Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Are they expensive to run ? No our machines are hydraulic and use very little electricity.

How soon can I have one ?  Usually within 3 weeks, depending on the model ordered.

What if something goes wrong with the horsewalker ?  We pride ourselves on our after sales service and in the very unlikely event that you have a problem we have extensive stocks of spare parts and we will get you going again very quickly.